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Name: Washu McChan

B'day: April 10 1989

Live: Scotland

Website: www.geocities.com/perfect_per_gessle1019

Interests: Anime,Manga, Music, Smurfs, and magicians how can they do those tricks!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

   Rollment Day
Scott, my older brother took me to college to in roll fully. He dropped me off in his car and said "Go, on Catherine! You are a big girl now. Don't go rabelling now. I'll see you later." I walk into the building and managed to get lost trying to find the room I was meant to in roll in. I also managed to find this other guy looking for the same room. His name is... Won't tell ya just yet. Why? B'coz him and me become friends and do something stupid.

Anyway, we managed to find the room just before 10:00. This small guy comes in and looks like a 16 year old. 15 Minutes late. More about him later too.

The broing part was signing those mad forums and it was boring. Right, we were all in there for half an hour. Then we went to the cafe. The guy who got lost with me met up with me and we got talking. His name is Austin and he is quiet and shy... Muahaha

Anyway, then the guy who was like 15 monutes late comes up to us and was lonely so we invited him to join the random conversation. His name is Bo (No joking!!) and he is so cool. He was telling us about Aberdeen then he needed the toilet so we had to look after his bag.

When Bo went to the toilet we had been standing around for an hour and the table we were leaning against was an "outta bounds" area but we rabelled and I forced Austin to sit down. Then as soon as he sat down, I saw an empty table and was like "Look Austin! There is an empty table!"

So we went to the empty table and I had to drag Bo's bag which was really heavy. He littarally had a picnic in there and then Bo spent half an hour looking for us in the cafe and we were bang in the middle of the place. Don't worry, he found us and we sat and talked for half an hour and Bo gave us part of his picnic!! ^^ I was so sad to leave but the main college days are gonna be funny as us three promised to stick together and be the three muskateers! ^-^

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WHERE AM I?? Oh yes, I am on the computer and I was updating my new site:

Falling Stars

My new site! It's a Winx club layout. Why? I dunno. It just look cute that is all. I am putting 100s and 100s of Shaman King stuff so if you want ya can send me your Shaman King fanart, fanfics or... anything!! Hehe... I am also gonna be in College as off Next Monday. Really nervous!! I am really nervours! AH!! Oh and I hate Jim! (Mom's new bf!!) He made her stay out all night. Kids are meant to do that! Not moms!! And he bribed me 40. I better use that to buy manga. ^^ Have a nice day!!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

   Da da na!! Mom's new BF!!
It's true. It's painfully true. I haven't met him yet but mom said he is her new bf. He sounds like a loser. He phoned the house when mom was away at work and thought he would get to know one of her kids so he called and asked me some stuff like "What clothes did you get at the mall?" PREV!!! I answered potitely (he is posh by the way!) "Oh Mr mom's new bf, I never bought clothes just a Tenchi Muyo DVD." and then he demanded that I tell him what it is about. GOD!! He is worse than my mom when explaining it. He is like 60 years old and owns his own company. At least he has some cash I can con him out to give me.... I still hate him!!!
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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I went over to my friend, Steph's house and stayed over. It was fun. We are bad-mouthing this girl who totally wrote nasty shyt on my Tenchi Fanfic when.... get this doesn't even like Tenchi Muyo! How frickin stupid is that? We made fun of her Harry Potter fanfic b'coz it was crap. Paris Hilton could come up with something better out her butt. She is such a snob.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2005

   Scott is back
Yay!! Scott is back!! My big bro was on holiday with his girlfriend. (no naughty stuff happened lol) and he brought back presents!! He got me a necklace with my Chinese star sign the snake, chinese ear-rings, a dolfin box and sweets. You would think he went to China but actually he went to Spain. Yeah weird, huh? The day he came back, he tried to get me Shaman King volume 5 but the dam stupid store only had 1 2 3 4 and 6!! 6!!!! WAH!! THEY ARE CRAZY!! He also read my Sliva fanfic that is finish and he read my piss-take on the movie Baby Snatcher. Tut, tut check below entry. It was so fun!! I am glad he is back. But in a few days he is gone again for another holiday!! HOW FREAKING LUCKY IS HE??
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