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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Topic: About the day I wrote about flirting.

OK, don't think i'm a pervert for flirting. I'm just thirteen. I guess its just a "teen" thing. Ew. I hate the thought of myself being a teenager. I feel... old. LOL. Its not like its something I really like to do or is really interested in, it just happens. I dont start the flirting, the other person does! WH00T!

Anyways, the boys in my class are REALLY starting to FREAK ME OUT! Seriously, every time i'm in the middle of a conversation with one of them, they flash me a... condom! I mean, WTF?? I keep telling them to stop it and they are just like "Well, you never know...!" I just call them perverts and stay away from them for a while.

I've gots a question. I guess its "girl-question." Er, whatever, here it is: Do you think it is wrong for your best-friend to go out with your ex-boyfriend? Boys can answer too, if you want. I'm not sexist.


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