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Friday, April 18, 2008

   *sigh* No internet for two more weeks.

*sighs again* I haven't had internet this past week (you probably noticed because I haven't really been commenting) and I'm not gonna have internet for the next two weeks. T_T Dumb parents! Pay your freaking bills on time, for once! Grrr... *cough* anyways! I'm at the library right now so my time is VERY limited and I won't be able to comment for a while TT^TT. (Well, maybe. Only if I have spare time, 'cuz I've got to do homework too!)

Monday: After a week of missing school, I return to find 5 tests waiting for me! Yikes! I pass them all. (I somehow managed to actually get over 100% on each of them! Hurray for me!) Aaand that��s about it for Monday!

Tuesday: Guess what I wake up to? Gunshots! That's right; there was a shoot out in my building. :( And on report card day, too. What happened during the shoot out was my dad was going downstairs to do something and then he heard popping sounds (the sounds I awoke to). It turns out that our mail-man's mother was getting robbed by these two drug dealers and then the mailman shot both of them and then shot himself. I was especially scared because 1. My dad was awful close and 2. My family and I knew all the people involved with the shootout! So I had to sneak out of the building that morning just to get to school. Man, the lobby was filled with blood and brains... (Sorry, didn't mean to write that. I'm a bit traumatized.)

Well, anyways. Report card day! To my surprise, I actually got PRINCIPAL HONORS! That��s even better than first honors! I never got principal honors before! And I beat my class rival! He got first honors. :P lol.

So later that day, I have a real session with my shrink for the first time and well we basically talking about what I write in my posts and then he said something that almost made me die. Die laughing, that is. :) I told him I was into anime and then he was like oh, you're gonna grow up to be the world's greatest HENTAI artist! I just got real quiet and then I burst into laughter. Poor guy didn't know why. I finally uttered out "H-hentai i-is p-PORN!!" lol! XD

Wednesday-Friday: Nothing special. I think I'm gonna get my belly button pierced but I'm not sure. *ponders* Should I? *tee~hee*


Zülotoshi- Oh, that guy is 17 because he��s a junior.

Devon- That was no story-writing�� This is my life. :P

And to everyone else who commented- *hugs* :)


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