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Friday, April 11, 2008

   Sometimes I wonder if they're all in it together...

Y'know? I sometimes really think they're all like in it together to get me or something. You're about to read why.

Tuesday: Guess who IMs me? Zin (and for those of you who don't know who he is, he was my ex that suddenly stopped talking to me for no reason at all right after New Years, with no closure!). Yes, him. God. I didn't know what to think or what to write. Here's a basic breakdown on the conversation we had.

Zin: Hey, how��s it going?
Me: omg, you��re writing to me?! Am I seeing things? :\
Zin: Did Kerry give you something from me?
Me: No. And in case you haven��t noticed my absence from school, I won��t be back in till Monday.
Zin: Actually I haven��t noticed. Well anyways I attached a little note on it. Try to read it, that is if you don��t rip it up right away.
Me: Now why would I do that?
Zin: Well the real question would be why wouldn��t you?
Me: Are you saying I should?
Zin: No but what I say doesn��t mean what should happen.
Me: Ok...
-Zin signs off-

Yea. So many thoughts were rushing through my head! I mean, I had a pretty good idea what he had given Kerry (one of my bffs). It was my drawings, of course! I was at least happy for that. But the note thing worried me. In fact, for some reason, it made me shake. *shivers* Ugh, even now I shake. I can't quite figure out why but whatever. One thing that bothered me was that he had given my drawings to her. I never asked Kerry to ask him for my drawings back. And she never did. In fact, Kerry always found him weird and ever since New Years I told her to avoid him and she did gladly. Anyways, the person I did ask to get my drawings back from him had asked him 3 or more times and he always said yes but never gave the drawings to her. Anyways (again). So I call Kerry and I'm like did Zin give you something today? And she was like yea, and man, you draw good! lol. But then I was like, do you see a note anywhere with my drawings? And she was like yes, but Zin told me not to read it. And I was like Kerry, could you please read it to me? She did so gladly. *ahem*

"Dear Jessy,
Sorry. Here are your drawings excluding a few. I unblocked you from AIM but if you show me the least but of hostility I��ll block you again.

OK. I was pissed. First of all, he lost some of my drawings! That jerk! I want all of them! Second of all, when the crap was I ever hostile for him to block me in the first place?! Ah! But at this point, I really don't care. All I care about is getting my drawings back. *sigh*

Wednesday: So it's 9:00am and someone knocks on my door. Ugh. So my mom is like who is it? And the person is like a friend of Jessy's! wtf? So my mom is like what��s your name? And he��s like Daniel.

Oh. My. GOD! What the hell, man?! First Zin, now Billy (the guy who befriended me not too long ago, stole my games, and totally used me!) sends his stupid little friend (whom I have never even met! we just talked on the phone like once) to my apartment! God, he's giving my address out to people! So guess what he asks for? He said oh, Billy said that you have some of his Ai Yori Aoshi. EXCUSE ME?! OK. TELL YOUR LITTLE FUCKING THIEF OF A FRIEND THAT WHEN HE GIVES ME MY FUCKING GAMES BACK, I MIGHT LET HIM HAVE HIS STUPID FUCKING MANGA, THAT HE ALSO STOLE FROM THE LIBRARY!! And he��s like, well actually I'm the one who stole it from the library but then he stole it from me and now Billy said you stole it from him. omg. Ok, he lend me those books and figured he could just steal my stuff! Get out. Get out of my fucking house-- GET OUT! *door slams* God!! The freaking nerve of some people! I'm just worried that he's gonna continue to send some punk to my house to claim "his" manga. Ugh!

Thursday: I get another IM from Zin. Take a lookie; I saved the convo this time.

"Zin": Hey, how are you?
TheWarriorGal: Not good. How��re you?
"Zin": Somewhat mediocre, both good and bad.
TheWarriorGal: Why bad?
"Zin": I don��t want to say because part of it might upset you.
TheWarriorGal: There��s no possible way I can get any more upset than I already am. So shoot.
"Zin": Well, one reason I won��t say because it doesn��t concern you, but it saddens me to see Kerry the way she is when you��re absent. I walked in Dr. Halverson��s class and I just see her there all lonely. I��m not saying that she is but on the outside, it looks like it.
TheWarriorGal: Oh. Makes sense all things considered.
"Zin": Want me to be completely honest about something?
TheWarriorGal: Sure.
"Zin": She��s probably the only reason I'm talking to you right now.
TheWarriorGal: How so?
"Zin": I thought you weren��t coming to school as much as you used to because you were pissed at me at some extremely high level.
TheWarriorGal: So you��re talking to me because I missed school this week and you thought I was pissed at you.
"Zin": That��s about it. But it wasn��t just this week.
TheWarriorGal: Well mine missing school doesn��t have to do with you. And if it did, I��m not mad at you. I never was. But what does this have to do with Kerry?
"Zin": Alright but I wish there were more freshmen.
TheWarriorGal: What does your talking to me have to do with Kerry?
"Zin": Well before you told me that it wasn��t this I thought you weren��t coming in because of me so I wanted to talk to you and try to get you to come more so Kerry wouldn��t have to be sad. Sorry for thinking the wrong thing.
TheWarriorGal: You��re not sorry. You don��t care. You never did and you never will. I don��t know why you stopped talking to me in the first place but it hurt bad and just as I��m almost feeling better about this some other shit happens to me and then you come back. So tell me. How am I supposed to handle this? So far you only sound concerned about Kerry��s well being.
"Zin": But that��s the truth.
TheWarriorGal: Fine.
"Zin": Sorry.
TheWarriorGal: Don��t say something you don��t mean. Like others things.
"Zin": As for the word ��sorry,�� I do mean it.
TheWarriorGal: At this point, why should I even care? Bye. And I hope no more freshmen come so you can fuck up their lives too.
"Zin": K then if that��s how you feel.
TheWarriorGal: Fuck you.
"Zin": K :)
"Zin" signed off at 3:30 PM

Ok. He never liked me. He used me. Just like everyone does. What��s new? At this point, I really don��t give two shits for him. HOWEVER. I've noticed that he��s become like totally obsessed with Kerry! I mean, even when we were going out, he talked about her a lot. And never about any other girl in my class or even my school. God, I think I finally put 2 and 2 together for once! He is a pedophile!! He is totally after Kerry! What the hell, man?! He is 17 and Kerry and I are 14 and even though I went out with him, I am much more physically and mentally mature (I think. idk but I'm going somewhere with this!). But Kerry in comparison to him is like a child! Now I think he is going to like rape her after school or something! Oh, my God! What am I going to do! *chews off all nails* >_<

Friday: Today itself wasn��t really all that bad. Well, I had another nightmare last night but whatever -- I got over it. What really bothered me all day is Kerry's well being and I was worried if Billy would try to send someone to my house again. And now since I missed school all week, I probably have a ton of catching up to do (again!). None of my classmates are telling me my homework though! They are all extremely lazy, ugh! My teachers aren��t even replying to my emails. *sighs* And right now my ear hurts. I think the piercing got infected again. Ugh.


Shi-chan- You're AWESOME. Thanks for the shout-out once again!

Jae- Sorry dude! Didn��t know I was stealing your words. ^^; But thanks for the tips, they really helped me.

Jeremy- omg indeed.

And to everyone else who commented- *hugs* :)


Oh, yes. And on a lighter note, I've made some minor tweaks to my page. I added the voice comment thingy I found on Kyoko's page so leave me a message, please! :D I also added a counter. To what, you ask? Well, it counts down how long until I see My Chemical Romance! Yea! I'm going to my first concert, yay! Aaand I also added a little music. ^^

Have a great weekend, everyone! <3


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