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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   I need another vacation. Ugh.

Happy first day of March, everyone!!

Back to school this week. Ehhh. Nothing special happened. Well, actually, I almost killed someone in my class the other day. He kept calling me "big girl" and "Burger King" (even though I'm a vegetarian, which really peeved me off) implying my little problem or being overweight... >.<

I snapped. I'd really lost a lot of weight over the years and hearing this just crossed the line. I pushed him to a wall, grabbed his tie, and started choking him!! If it weren't for him pushing me off in such a violent motion, I think I would have killed him. Or at least, I think those were my intentions. I felt really bad. I apologized, naturally. Man. What's wrong with me lately? I've just been feeling... I don't know. =[ I need professional help, like a psychiatrist.

To make matters worse, I had another dream about Zin (ex-bf) last night. The dreams I've had about him when we first met were really good, then after New Years, when he stopped talking to me, I've had just horrible ones. Last night was the worse. It wasn't really "bad", but "good". It was of us being back together. All I know is that I awoke in tears. :'(

I guess I do miss him... or, at least, I miss who I thought he was. *sniff* Damn, I'm such a cry-baby! I know I shouldn't waste my tears on this guy. But even so...

He has my drawings and I really want them back but there’s no way I can get in contact with him. (He doesn't pick up my calls, blocked me off the internet, and completely ignores me in school. Why? I do not know!) I'm gonna try to contact one of the girls in his class (who is always nice to me and to everyone I've seen) to ask her to ask him for my drawings back. Hopefully, he won’t be an ass and be like No. I have my reasons. Those drawings for were meant for someone who really liked me, and now that that person doesn't exist anymore, well, I want my drawings back. ;]

Man. I love myOtaku. I feel so much better after writing this! ^o^ *sigh of relief* Hey, when does VV come out again? I forgot. ^^; I'm waiting until after it comes out so that I can upload some art. :D

EDIT: omg, It's finally hit me! I can't comment! The form doesn't show up! Crap. I was about to comment the rest of the people I missed from this past week, but I'll try again later! Sorry, guys!


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