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Friday, February 15, 2008

   HECTIC! -- my tale of woe

Sorry I haven't posted since Sunday. Let's catch up:

Monday: Nothing special happened. Got a few "Welcome back to school, Jessy!"s and that's about all. XD

Tuesday: Nothing special, either... WAIT -- this is where my tale of woe begins!! Well it all started in math class. The teacher handed me a paper and *ta-da* it was a test with mathematical material I was not too familiar with! GUH! I failed. Seriously. I was so ashamed of myself TT_TT.

So at the end of the school day, as I was heading to my locker, I looked out the window and saw snow! Real, lovable, snow!! I was so happy, I jetted out of the lockers and ran out into the fresh air! Ahhh... my short happiness was about to end. I headed toward the bus stop to only find a very crowded street, filled with traffic. Ain't no way I'm gonna sit on a bus for hours while there's snow outside! So I decided to try to pass most of the traffic by walking to around 25th street (I was around 5th). When I get there, the traffic doesn't seem too bad so I hop aboard the bus. A few minutes later... Dun, dun, DUN!! More traffic!

So I'm waiting on the bus for like 3 hours and I suddenly realize that we haven't been going anywhere and that we are not going anywhere. And now my troubles begin. It turns out that a bus in front of us slid on the ice so all busses were out of service. I call my parents and my mother is having a HEART-ATTACK (not literally, but she was screaming a lot). I'm talking to her (make that yelling, actually), freezing in the cold, begging her to let me use the train. But NOOO. So I wait like two more hours for my brother-in-law to pick me up with his car and then he gets stuck in traffic.

Damn, I was so sick that night. I wouldn't have survived that day without Jeremy because he was on the phone with me the whole time. I remember when I was walking (lost, btw), I was telling him that my feet really hurt and then he was like don't worry, I'll massage them for you when you get to my house this weekend. Awww♥

Wednesday: Got sick from the previous day and missed school. cha. Well, that wasn't the only thing missed. My dad missed the Parent-Teacher conference! OMG, I was steamed! [rant\]First of all, I don't even get my report card because he doesn't pay my full tuition. Why my tuition doesn't get paid is because a lot of money is spent on alcohol, tobacco, and Viagra. Jesus![/rant]

Thursday: Got a text from Jeremy at 7:00am saying "be my v." I was over-joyed ^^. Returned to school.

[tragic "love" story]Got really disappointed at Zin... let me tell you about Zin. Zin was my boyfriend... my first boyfriend and he was very special and dear to me. Then came New Years and he suddenly just stopped talking to me. I really have no clue why. If I knew why, I wouldn't be so upset all the time. Seriously, wtf, Zin? Every time I try to get in contact with him, it's the same old crap. He always says I'll talk to you later. Well, later never came and one day he said the reason we weren't talking was a "secret". Ok. Dude. Seriously. Grow some balls and say IT'S OVER. You know, he still hasn't said it. And I'm not able to because I can't get in contact with him. But now I've just given up. I don't care anymore. I just wish I didn't have to see his face in school. Thank God he's a junior and I'm a freshman or I'd just die seeing him that often. God, I wanna spit on him every time I see him.[/tragic "love" story]

Well, anyways. Got my math test back.

67% omfg.

Boy, was I depressed. But then I found out that I got first honors. That lifted my spirits and you know, this week was unavoidably shaky because I missed school all last week because I was sick so it's not like it's my fault I failed. I will rebound :] So after school, I call my mother on my cell and I'm like mom... I failed my math test. She said don't worry about it, considering the situation I'm in. Then I told her I got first honors and she was like omfg, rly?! lol. She sure was happy to hear that! ^_^ So I asked her if I could hang out for a while and she was like... fine. *hmph* Well I hung out with one of my friends, Meghan. She somehow got a little cup of vodka from a friend and I was just like o_o. I sipped some. ~o~ WTF, how do Russians do it? Then we got some Sprite to make it less intense and it was still... ick. I really wanted to feel a "buzz" but it didn't happen. I think Jeremy got upset when I told him that I did this... I'm sorry. *punishes self in a discreet manner*

Today: Missed school because I felt like serious crap this morning. So my dad went to my school to drop off and pick up my homework. He saw Zin and they waved at each other and when my father told me this I snapped. So did my dad. We're just like, wtf is wrong with him?? I'm like, he'll wave at you but won't say a damn word to me? Jesus. Grrr. PENT UP RAGE!

[keyboard bashing]af*asf-srdgfdkjafsik afdSISDFS AHAHAHH MTIHER Ed FUCddgKER TI HATE TRHEAT NIGETGER YY TEH FUUCK S FODES THISS SHI IT K HA VE RTOO O HHA[PPPEN TOO M ARE ARRHDF kGJKgjKGgjkgjjkgiklhihi[/keyboard bashing]

*whew!* I feel loads better! =^_^= Well, how was everyone's ♥day?


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