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Sunday, February 3, 2008

   It's gone!! Where'd it go? >_>;

I lost my voice. Has anyone seen it? I'll give you a cookie if you find it. XD

Man, oh man. Yesterday was hectic.

[rant]I don't like my family. =[ They're all big, fat meanies! The reason I lost my voice is because they don't know how to talk. Rather, we all just yell at each other. >..<[/rant]

*whew* I feel better now. Well, about that at least (writing/talking usually makes people feel better, ne?). Anyways, I keep missing church every Sunday and I feel horrible. But it's not my fault. I keep getting sick every weekend! Grrr... *prays to God* Oh well. Hmmm... I'm gomna get myself a video-game today, but I'm not sure what to get. Any suggestions? Also, heres a random question: Who would you like to be president and why? My answer is Barack Obama.


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