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Friday, February 1, 2008

   I'm SoOoOo Sick!

*Achoo!* Hmmm... well, that was inacurate. I don't have a cold but my throat is KILLING me! It's all swollen and it hurts when I talk or swallow :c. It all started on Wednesday. I woke up and felt sick but I still wanted to go to school. My mother came into my bedroom and I told her I felt sick so she took a good look at me and said that I should miss school today. I fought a little, but then I realized that I wouldn't miss out on anything important in school on that particular day so I had nothing to worry about. It really was to my benefit.

So I go to the hospital and apparently I look much older than my real age! First, the nurse asks for my age. I'm like 14 and she's like... well, you sure are tall! And I'm just like... alrighty then. So then I see a doctor and she's like what grade are you in? And I'm like 9th and she's like... so you're 18-years-old? I'mj ust like... (wtf? how'd you become a doctor with math skills like that? lol). Well anyways, I still feel sick. Ugnhhh!

Today I had a half-day in school. Blah, nothing special happened. After school I went to McDonalds to hand out with a few of my friends for a while. We got bored real quick and decided to go on a cookie-hunt (McDonalds didn't have the cookies that we wanted!). While on our hunt, theres this little stand that has loads of free condoms (btw, I don't believe in contraception or sexy-time before marriage. catholic, I am!). My friend (silly, silly girl, she is!) took one, opened it up, and blew it into a balloon! lol. That sure was funny. There was this old man passing by and he told us, well it seems like someone is getting busy tonight! Dirty old man. I just went home afterwards, and now here I am! Sick from playing in the rain, watching my friends inflate condoms, and going on our failure cookie-hunt. Good times.


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