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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

   *whew* Mid-Terms; Finally Over!!

Ahhh, well, actually they ended on Friday but for some reason I just didn't post until now =_= sorry! So I found out a lot of my grades. I'm very satisfied with most of them, but... on my English mid-tem, I only got an 80 TT_TT and it was only on Romeo & Juliet! A book and movie I'd seen a dozen times! Well heres what happened. Theres 3 parts in that midterm. Short answer, vocabulary, and an essay. I got full credit on the vocabulary and essay parts (woot!) but I got half of 5 questions wrong (and he took off ALL the points! no partial credit =[) in the short answer part. oh-em-gee. I got so upset. I had an arguement with my teacher, lol. I spelled FEUD wrong and he took off so many points (geez, spelling FUED instead of FEUD isn't that bad. it's not like I put FYOOD!!). Gosh. Oh well. Nothing I can do about that. *sniff, tear* I'll be alright, really!

On my report card in Biology, I only got like an 85 >..<. And only because I was absent ONE day and missed his test. I had told him about making it up waaay long ago and he was like, don't worry about it sweetheart! *grrr (is mad at him FOREVER)* And, gosh! When are we gonna disect those darn frogs! About two months ago, he ordered frogs for us to disect and every week he's like, "next week, next week!" Well, next week never came! Ugh!

Also, my Spanish teacher is a butt-head. I bought him 2 *not 1* picture frames and he was like... they're too small. GEEZ, THEY'RE A GIFT. APRECIATE!! Well, just wanted to make that clear ~_^ Well, ttyl, everyone. Ciao!


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