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Thursday, February 8, 2007

OKAY well my school has this program that the 8th grade students go to once a month and this time I just happened to dress a little nicer than usual. I don't know why but this came as a shock to everyone! Lets just put it this way... everyone who once thought I was a nerd decided to say I was a GODDESS!! So they bring my BF all the way downstairs to me and we were all like totally shy and stuff. Then to make it worse, my dad was there. Ever since he found out about me and my BF, hes expecting him to be Mr. Man LOL. So after a while my teacher comes up to me and says that I am dressed very inappropriately... yeah right is what popped up in my mind. She really shouldn't talk! But whatever. I thank her for being concerned but I got kinda mad at her for being nosy. This was the first time everyone noticed me for my looks and not my smartness. All because of this one shirt... I'm naming this shirt "magic make-boys-horny shirt." LOL that basically what it did. So I just kept covering myself with a sweater and then my friends took the sweater and hid it from me! Then I was wearing these boots (I always wear boots LOL). But the boots I was wearing that day was the boots I don't wear very often because they HURT. They are black, high-heeled, strappy, and zippy. Awesomeness ^_^. Hmmm I wonder what I will wear next time. LOL pajamas is what I told my friend.


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