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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

  HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO ME!:Pyay.Thank u kchan for the presents.^ ^.Im finally 15!!!!!Still the youngest in my group but o well.-.-'.heh i just realized its been a a full month since i last updated..
Yesterday i went to the beach for almost half a day.I got sunburned everywhere so it hurts when i take a shower.But itll pay off buz the sunburn willl turn into a tan.;D.My friends showed n everything while we were there.Which was great.The water was great n cold n ugh u had to be there.I love the beach.This b-day this year hasnt been bad at all.I actually enjoyed it.Even though i might have gotten yelled at many times n my dad isnt here it still was good.
School is starting soon n im freaking out cuz before u know it itll be the next day n ugh.I dont wanna deal with it.Cuz with school comes high school drama.Everyday.N looking good everyday.Wht a hassle.N homework.wht a pain in the ass.
I cant wait till next summer.Im going to the philippines for 2-3 weeks.Its gonna kick some major ass!ugh i cant wait.Anywayzs.must flee.!!!ja ne!

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