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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 10 or 11 Im so lost, gonna go with 10 for yesterday
I worked!
Then I got home and I was all alone...
I ate some crazy stuff- a mango, some strawberries in yogurt, some cheese, and.... i made a cup of coffee just for me!
Well! That coffee did not wear off till like midnight, and probably influenced my wacky dreams.
I also worked on my story! And uploaded a lot of abstract art to Deviantart AND made a Caption for this week's battle!

MY DREAM (I don't remember)
Last Night's dream-
was weird. Not a school dream finally, but I'll sum up what I remember.
There was a pastry store next to starbucks that was going out of business. I was about to order when they rudely told us that they were out of pastries. Well, Starbucks happened to be out of drinks! So I got a vanilla creme latte, my mom got a plum drink, my sis got lemons and strawberry, and my dad got blueberry (im going to say this was caused by my craving for muffins, the weird flavors of rock candy, and my overdoes on fruit and coffee last night) next door, we ordered cookies (I wanted cookies yesterday too! the place next to my work gives them to us at a discount. But being nearly broke, I passed.)

Then, I was at this beach place, looking down at the water. I came across some cool stuff-- slabs of petrified wood that had the date "1312" written on them, along with names. I felt bad taking them, because I forgot to record their position in situ. Archaeologically speaking- these could be important... Or not. To help my conscience out, the dream made it so I went online to check it out. There was a nature history group that used experimental archaeology to RECREATE old wooden slabs. Their names were on them, so they were duds.

The Dream took a weird turn! Now I was in a group of handpicked warriors. We were undefeatable mercenaries! One day though, we were pummeled and we had to pay the other team 60 bucks! When We pummeled them back, we got only 40 bucks because I calculated the total wrong. What was going on in my head? POKEMON Black version XD a team of six fighters with super powers fighting other people for no reason and then taking their money. Use people to describe it and it sounds like gang activity. We were feeling good about the tie, but then one of our own stabbed our leader! I went to avenge her, taking down the traitor! Only....My boss was angry at me for doing so because the traitor was her best friend. Thus, now she was trying to kill me! GAH. This was because I was thinking about the same situation that happened to an Elven Prince in the War of Souls Dragon Lance books.

AS I was running away, I had a moment of slight lucidity. I was thinking.... I don't want to have another chase scene through my neighborhood. I always run out of breath and get caught in these kinds of dreams. So Up I FLEW! The fighter chasing me was now a bird, go figure, and was still trying to attack me. So I became a wind master and tossed her aside. All the while, trying to reason with her. But her new anger rested in the fact that she was my pet? and that she felt abandoned! BAH. Weird Dreams!

I continued running downtown until I came across a weird box that contained items belonging to an empire that had once ruled the world. I was surprised their culture was not just one big melting pot. Then, thinking of domination, what should my dream turn but to... NAZIS
And they were trying to create an evil species by crossing human and alien....
Then I woke up. Never again. Neeeever again will I drink 3 cups of caffeinated coffee before bed.

PS: @Alphonse13 Yes, dreams can be rather odd huh?
Remembering them is big, which is why I included these in my post on yesterday when I wrote it this morning !^_^
Life is kkiiiiinda fun. But it can be stressful too. No power over the world around you and trying to have the most money at the end!

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