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Thursday, June 16, 2011

   Day 19 .. yesterday!
I forgot to post yet again!
Well yesterday was my day off! After cleaning the house silly, I went to Aurora's. We swam for a bit, then ate some yummy food:corn, asparagus, and potatoes! And a klondike bar that we had to put into a bowl cause they were melting! We played apples to apples with her cousin and Jenna, and also LIFE. First, I had terrible luck! All of us were hit by a tornado. And I was 17 20,000 loan cards in debt because I kept landing on spend cards. Not to mention, my salary was 20,000.

Aurora and Jenna had it good though-- every time the spinner fell off the track, we had to pay em. The second time around was a lot better. I was still an artist (in fact I drew the EXACT same cards to choose between: Doctor, Artist, or Entertainer XD) and we all bought stock and insurance. NONE of us took out a loan we didn't pay back immediately. Aurora still won though-- with like I million 7 hundred thousand eighty.

Then We watched the King and I to intermission. Cant wait to finish it. I also brought over Castle in the sky but I guess I'll have to save it for another time.

Not much to report dream-wise. Just more school dreams.... ALTHOUGH
last night in my dream- I was coming home from school on the bus.... Everything was being remodeled and there was this store... Inside I was going to buy food, but THEN I saw Tsubasa magazines and playing cards!!! In one of the magazines, there were magnets of the characters, and in another, there was a poster of Fai eating Kurogane's blood XD I got those two, and a pack of cards. Then, when I went on the bus again, a lady was trying to sell stolen Rice Krispy Treats. The bus driver left her seat to buy some, and a kid jumps into the driver seat. I thought I was gonna die! Well, dream-die.

Alright, I'm off!
toodles ^_^

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