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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

   Day 18
lets seeeee

I became certified as a food handler today... whoot. Costs 15 bucks and is absolutely mandatory to keep my job at the theatre!
Glad to get it out of the way....
Today, I was informed my dental plan is about to expire! Nuuuuuu.... Gotta renew it.
I really can't wait till this week's paycheck!

I took Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit cards with me today. I'm going to be all studious and beat Aurora next time I see her!!!!!!

What else....
not much really

I had a dream that I had a Statistics test!!!! that I had completely forgotten about. I had just finished my English Final, got a call from my parents who said they wanted to take me to starbucks.... I was studying though. Later in the car, Peter Pan gave us a car wash?!

* was singing prettily, and I was using a floating camera that looked like a space ship to record a guys speech.

I was being experimented on by an evil scientist. My friends came to break me out and used me as a human shield to escape!

Then, Aurora was in a bad fix. We were super heroes the gov thought were becoming too powerful. So, she was underground fighting some goblins, and the entire place was being flooded. I used telepathy to reach her behind the wall she was trapped behind, never to leave again. I warned her not to break down the wall when she fled the goblins, because then she would drown!

But then i got a nifty idea. I pulled out my ocarina and teleported in. Grabbed her, teleported out. Saved the game immediately! Reset it, turned it on, and we wer A-Okay.

Nightmare rejected!


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