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Saturday, March 1, 2008

This is my first time creating a contest since I am no good at actually DOING a contest. The theme is to create your own character for Hoshiji that has to do with "Happiness" and some kind of gem that goes along with happiness. Also, explain the character's: Age, height, weight, personality, likes, dislikes, and past. The explanation must be on the picture. Since right now I am out of imagination power I need help with creating new characters.
1st Place- A chibi drawing of any one of your original characters(colored or not colored), your character appearing in Hoshiji(of course!), and having your picture at the end of chapter 1 of Hoshiji(which is the character page/chapter whatever it's called).
2nd Place- A chibi drawing of your character colored.
3rd Place- A chibi drawing of your character sketched.
The contest will end on May 1st(that should be 2 months...). Please join the contest! If you have any questions or comments please comment on this post or pm me. Private message me the link to your picture once it is submitted and put HOSHIJI on the tags. Thank you for reading! ^ ^

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