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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Naruto: The Final Battle Chapter 1- The Mission
I know, I know. I redid it so now...its cool! ^ ^ I hope this'll turn out better, note, I may skip lots of stuff to make the chapters shorter!

It has been six years since the death of the 3rd hokage. Many tears were spread the day of his funeral of the remembrance of a loving man. As the years past only one person ahs proven to be the 5th hokage and to be the watchful eye over Konohagakure, and that is, Tsunade. Tsunade has been in great need of help since Sasuke left the village, even more power has been gained to the demons of their world. But, then one day, Sasuke Uchiha, the avenger, came back. But, unfortunately, that day was not at all a happy day. That day began on a terrible day.
Sakura, Naruto, and Sai, the newcomer, just finished training. Once they finished, Kakashi, their sensei, requested that they’d meet him at the gate. They understood his call and they went. Once there, Kakashi explained to them the reason, but his tone sounded more secretive almost like a whisper, but a bit louder. “You all remember Sasuke Uchiha, right?”
“Yeah, what’s your point, like we’d forget about that whole incident,” Naruto answered in a more sarcastic voice.
“And you remember that he went with Orochimaru, doing his bidding?” Kakashi asked, trying to keep them on the same track as he was.
“Kakashi-sensei, how many times do we have to tell you? We remember! Naruto told you first now I am telling you, what next, are we going to force Sai to tell you?” Sakura asked, impatient.
“Yes, yes, on with the news. Well, Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke have created a three year long plan, today was the deadline and we just found out. You see, Sasuke all along was a decoy, he just went to Orochimaru at the right time, when he needed to distract Konoha into thinking that there was a way to get him back, that is why he had a talk with Sakura before he left.”
“So, that was a decoy, all along and we shouldn’t have done anything. Just sit there, I still think that everyone did what was right!” Sai protested in disbelief.
“If it is true, that it was an entire decoy, couldn’t he have just left without talking to me about it. Instead he just made matters worse. He could’ve just left right when the hokage died, when Orochimaru left, why stay?” Sakura wondered.
“Good question, Sakura. Sasuke could have left then, you are right, but it wasn’t the time. He needed to make us believe that he was on our side for a while, then leave, of course, leaving us with lies. They kept that secret with them for a long time, until the day was right. Today is that day, the day that they unleash their secret weapon,” Kakashi explained.
“Really, what?” Naruto asked, his eyes opened wide with amazement.
“Kabuto was working on taking a gene cell from each ninja during the Chunin Exams, in these three years he has been creating copies of us. Mutating our gene cells with energy boosts and different chemicals, creating the ultimate ninjas, creating the ultimate army.”
“Wow, so you are saying that most of us have an opposite that may or may not be stronger than us?” Sai asked.
“Yes, that’s right.”
“So then, what’s our mission?” Naruto asked, now in annoyance of Kakashi’s constant stalling.
“Oh, yes, your mission is to protect these ninjas,” Kakashi pulled out a scroll and opened it to show the list of names.
“Hinata…Kiba…hey, these are all our friends from the chunin exams! Why didn’t Kabuto get anybody different?” Sakura asked as she stopped reading the rest of the list.
“He did not choose anyone else for they all have a special skill that no other ninja can have together,” Kakashi answered, smiling his calm smile.
“Yeah, and what is that special skill?” Naruto seemed angry at Kakashi, the way he was explaining was making him impatient.
“Why, of course, teamwork!” Kakashi laughed. Suddenly, Sai started laughing uncontrollably.
“What’s wrong, Sai?” Sakura asked, turning to the young man, laughing on the ground.
“I-its just…at the bottom of the list. At the bottom of the list it says Sasuke. Sasuke? Isn’t he our enemy, isn’t he why we are here, why this is happening? So why do we have to protect him?” Sai asked, wiping a tear from his eye and then getting up from the ground.
“Yeah, what IS up with that?” Naruto added.
“Sasuke would be good for on our team,” Kakashi explained, again, stalling.
“But, he left, he was on our team before, now we want him back?” Sakura was confused.
“Of course, he doesn’t seem as attached to Orochimaru as he was attached to this team, it’ll be simple getting him back with you and Naruto,” Kakashi continued.
“Does that mean I’m off the team now?” Sai complained.
“No! Of course not, we can have, like three people on our team now!” Naruto cheered.
“You mean four?” Sakura corrected him.
“Y-yeah, that’s what I meant!” Naruto lied.
“So, its off to protect these people, who first? I vote for Hinata, if we don’t then she will be wiped out like that!” Sai voted, snapping his fingers at his last sentence.
“Sure, that is a good plan, let’s go,” Sakura seemed disappointed some how.

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