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Friday, July 27, 2007

I finished Harry Potter! YAY!!!!! THe epilogue is so cute!!!!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cried when Remus and Tonks die!!!!! I NEVER cry. well..... except Sirius... i cried then, too.


-end spoiler-

Lots o' luv!!!! OH! I might be changing my site sometime.. i don't know to what, though... suggestions???


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Thursday, November 16, 2006

   I AM ALIVE!!!! OMG!!
ohmywidgeeness!!! xD!!! sorrry.. i've been watching Black Jack for the past weekend.. the cloak-thing man.. on a surgeon.. it just makes me laugh!!! :D

I saw Borat on Thursday last week ...so funny!!!!! the chicken ownz ur vital organs!!! & u knos it!

i am finished with 6/7 skethces.. i want to finish the last one before i put them all up.. and the better ones will be innk'd and color'd after a while.. Katie's, Rafeal's, and one of Marluxia/Vexen that i haven't started yet... T_T


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Thursday, October 5, 2006

to thelostsindar~
I finished ur picture!!!!! 'Tis here!!!!!!

Tethius by ~wake2Z on deviantART


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Sunday, October 1, 2006


yay!!!! XD!!!!! I'm playing KH2!! *keeps dancing* hoo yeah! doo-doo~

i'm haven't a comment con-vo on DA.. so if ne one wants to talk... PM me^^

see ya!

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Saturday, September 30, 2006

XD!!!!! i luv that pic!! i'll have to put it up sometime.. i don kno when tho...

i'm supossed to be doing homework.. but i'm not!! ~ muwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! :D!!!!

I'll be changing my site later! it'll be demyx or something along those lines.. i still have to find a demy icon tho.. i can't find one!!! how pathetic am i?.. they should have an icon section here on MyO!! that would be shpiffy^^

i haven't started neone's sketches.. i sorry!!!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

ok!! soooooo... only 3 people wanted sketches.. fine with me!!! there are two more spots if anyone else wants a sketch!

1-lostsindar -not done
2-xARUCARDx -not done
3-starfiredragon -not done

katie i'm leaving urs for last cause it's the hardest.. srry!!!
The sketches will be done.. eventually.. -_-'.. in the meantime, though, u guys can ckeck out my sheezyart site!!!

link-->> wake2Z.sheezyart.com

Progress in KH2- I'm on the Pride Lands for the second time.. wooo~



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Friday, September 8, 2006

omg! an update!
That's right! i'm updating!! omg!!

i got reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllly far in KH2! I'm already back to my second visit to Agrabah!!! which means i had to kick Xaldin's ass.. that wasn't fun.. i miss xally.. T_T .. ne way.. it was fun^^ u get to fight as Mickey when u die!! it was awsome!!!!!! granted i died like 5 times.. x_X... my fave. nobodies are dragoons.. they.are.awsome. period. end of discussion.

i have had like no homework compared to my friends.. i only have to read my Bio and/or World History when i get home.. i finish it @ school... XP!!!!!

I have art!! yay^^ i mean as a class... i have art homework. we have to draw a comic of a dream we had.. i don't remeber most of my dreams.. and if i remeber them.. something really kewl, wierd, or ... u know.. i'm not gonna finish this sentence.. muwahaha!!

i'm gonna do this sketch thingy i found on deviantart. the first five ppl to comment get a free sketch of whatever they want.. it's supposed to be 10 .. but i'm spliting it up since there is no way in hell i'm going to draw 20 some sketches!!!
so.. yeah...



once upon a december!!

Comfor Eagle [i luv this]

Demyx's Happy Song!! XD!!!

Xaldin sings the ding dong song!! u have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!

i told u, u were warn'd

toodlez, wake2Z

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Friday, September 1, 2006

ok.. so ... i got to were i was in the game 'cause my friend let me copy her game. i had to fight Demyx.. i lost 'cause i was too busy laughing my ass off!!!! It's sooooo funny to fight him!!! He's all "YA' LIKE THAT!!" and "HOW'D'YA LIKE ME NOW!!!" it's so funny!!! and then his whole bustin' out.. i swear i've heard those chords b4.. hmm... ne ways...

school started on monday.. i have 0 per.. it sux.. yup.. i got a B- on my AP Bio test [the one i didn't study for] and a 70 on a Grapes of Wrath test [studied for this one] ... go figure.. -_-'

i'm taking art this year.. so far we've worked on Dadism and lighting...we're only working w/ chalk and pencil 'cause not everyone has turned in their supplies fee.

reeeeeaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly early on saturday.. like @ 2:00 am my mom, sibling and i r going to drive up to San Fransico... w00t!!! we're taking my dog.. he's so cute^^ fuzz,fuzz... muwahaha!!!

bio has turned out to be the funniest class.. our teacher was talking to us about the sex ed portion [district mandates it] and instead of say "I have a picture of a testical shaped like a burrito" [o_0] she said, "i have a testical!" ... my whole class burst out laughing!! xD!!!!



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Saturday, August 26, 2006

   [bawling!!! i'm so f*ing pised!!!] and [ok.. i feel better]
these are the last two journals from my Deviantart account.. the second one is from today.

first my data is corrupt on KH2 'cause i acciedntally turned off the station while it was saving, and now someone has changed my e-mail password so i can't get on it.. i am having the worst day!!!! i need a hug!


well... i found out why i couldn't sign in to my email.. my password is plural and i forgot!!! ^^'

the KHII problem.. i'm gonna ask my friend if she'll let me copy her game onto my memory card and play from there. She's not as far as me, but i don't mind re-beating Scar or Space Paranoids.. i hope she says yes.. she can be really stubborn...

I made a SheezyArt account 'cause a bunch of people here are leaving and going over there and i really like their art.. so i made one... w00t!

i just realized.. all of my pictures that i previously drew on my site.. are now gone from my computer's memory.. nuuu!!! stupid cd drive.. meh...

Alex, Robin, and ed r coming over tonight to watch Dogma, Meangirls, Space Balls, The Producers, and Feriss Bueller's Day Off. It's gonna be sooo much fun^^ They also get to meet Tobi^^ he's so little!! i'm gonna put up a pic of him here, so u'll all see him!

To WolfofDarkStar: i lost ur picture.. i was gonna bring it to my dad's and working on inking and shading it here.. but i couldn't find it.. so u'll have to wait another week until i can get it done.. i'm sorry!!! i just hope my mom didn't throw it out!! O.O..

School starts on Monday!! i have a zero period so i have to be there @ 6:45 every morning!! but my last period is art! YAY!! i get to draw!!! >3



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Friday, August 25, 2006

   KHII!!!! >3
i got reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaally far in KH2 today!! I finished Agrabah, Halloween Town, Pride Lands, Space Paranoids, and Twilight Town!!!!! i'm on level 30!! XDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! yay^^ i'm supposed to go fight Demyx, but i had an othrodontist appointmant... they had to repostion a bracket so now i have this tooth in front of my mouth THROBBING! it hurts like a mo-fo!! [in the words of my fellow waterpolo peeps] owie... T_T

Then i went to my first USY event^^ U.nited S.ynagouge Y.outh!! It was a pool party! we went to this house in Fullerton Hills.. we pulled up and all shouted "THAT'S A HOUSE?!?!?!?" It was HUGE!!!!!!! i swear!!! I was all 'O.O oh my.. '

I finished all of my summer homework!! YAY!!


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