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Friday, November 17, 2006

こんにちわ!!!! おげんきですか? ごめんなさい。。。 にほんごがすこしはなせます。

This is your mod KaZ! Here to update everyone on the latest event!

Event いちばん!(number one): Elect the band, or artist, to be the club’s new theme! So please, comment and suggest your favorite bands and artists! Anyone/anything is allowed, as long as its some genre of VK(this includes oshare, ect.).

The band(or artist) elected will be this months(<--might change) theme. Meaning the cite background, post background, profile information, and avatar will be feature the band(or artist).

Also, thank you everyone so much for contributing! Remember, if you have anything to suggest or complain, or anything to say at all, please notify the club! We are very kind people(well, especially the other two mods), and are willing to assist you in anyway!

And an extra thanks to anyone who submitted a banner! Thank you! Apologies to everyone for hide being everyone... that's my fault.


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