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Sunday, November 12, 2006


First post. Welcome to the Visual Kei Club!

This isn't your normal Otaku club.
This isn't a club that has a dead account, a single post, and you just copy and paste a banner onto your cite. Oh no, you see, that's not really a club. This is a club, not a space waster.

This club will hold contest and events. Naturally, before any of those things begin, we need to get our membership up. So once you join, please try and get everyone one you know that enjoys VK to join!

The club is currently BEGGING you to make banners. So please, PM with a url so you can have a banner with your favorite band/artist on it!

The first event we’ll have is to see which band will be the first theme. So keep in mind what your favorite bands are!

There will also be weekly band profiles and terms to help inform other fans about bands you already know about. If you have any request for a band, or have written one yourself, PM the club.

Basically, if you have anything else, just PM the club.

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