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Yo everybody and welcome to my site!!!^__^

Please don't hestaite to ask me for requests k?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I've Been Gone A Longass Time

>o< Im So Sorry everyone I've Been Busy With Trying To Improve on my stuff I think I have too!

n_n Im Always On Deviantart If want know where i am My Name Is Murasaki Butterfly

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

   IM So Sorry!!
OMG its been ages since I been here! What about over 2 or Months ?! Im so sorry you guys especially the ones that have been waiting on me with requests. So what I will do is put a note up saying about how far I have progress with them okies?

Dark kitsune-started
Shelby of the Sand
Kankuro love

Please accept my apologises and if anything just PM me.
Violet ~

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   What on v.v's mind ...?
Yay I love doing animations they are so fun!!!!
I done two and half so far (one is still in progress). The only thing that annoys mce is that becuase I do them cell by cell and it takes so much longer to do.... I don't know any good flash programas otherwise I would of put up loads on to this site XDDDD

Anyways college wasn't to bad this week as I have got my grdes back from my projects. I merely got pass on my fne art ( Thats really sux) but manage to achieve distinction on my graphics (le gasp!). I got two more projects oming up which include 3d design and textiles therefore at the end of the term I have to decide which I want to go through -_-
Whats funny is that the fine art one which I wanted procced my manga art with totally BORING where as the Graphics seems to be the best one there (Except for the teacher). Idunno which one to choose or may I should wait till chrismas and think later.

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Friday, September 8, 2006

hi everybody

Well this week I was a bit nervous because I finally started college. I was thinking yeah, I might like it here and everything since its much different from upper school. But recently I found that during the week that my Lecturer absolutely hates anime and manga *le gasp* I was like TT_TT since I thought college would help me achieve my dream . The only problem is that she ragged on my best friend Jennifer li's pictures saying really bad things about her work!

Its gonna be a bumpy ride but I think I will make it ^-^
till next post
Violet Mage

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Monday, September 4, 2006

  Thank got somebody done something about it. Finaly otaku decided to act upon the voting system and made sure others treat artists more fairly and with respect. So I guess my little statement worked so yay!!

peace out
violet Mage

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