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Monday, May 30, 2005

It's been a while
Whoa, as I said in my title, it's definitely been a while. But I'm back! And no-one is getting rid of me!

So what have I been doing in my absence? Well, I am now in a band, I play bass. We haven't got a name yet, so any suggestions please leave them somewhere, either as a comment on the blog or in the guestbook.

I saw Star Wars Episode 3 twice last week, once on the day it came out and then again on the Saturday after that. It was the best Star Wars I have seen at the cinema, but I still think that Jedi is the best out of all of them. You just can't beat Luke's fight against Vader now, can you?

Also, I have done my trial exams at school, they went fine, I got good marks in all of them, and I am in the middle of doing my Art coursework. It is a pretty big piece, if I can I will post a picture of it on the site when I am finished.

So anyway, that's me for the last few months, I guess I'll see you later!

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