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Sunday, October 24, 2004

   Woohoo! My first post ever!
Ok guys, this is my first post on my site. Ever!!! I need to start doing this more often, I have decided. So I will. Anyway, no progress on the character design idea as I am just too damn lazy to do anyhting about it!!! (Laughs maniacally) Anyway I'm kind of bored at the moment so this may end up being quite a long post. I'm Phil, as you may already know from my intro, and I'm also quite an active member of OtakuBoards, if anyone who reads this is registered there then my name is Blayze, and I'm on quite a few RPGs in Adventure Inn (Halo: Covenant Strike, Hunters: Dark Blood, and Underworld to name a few. So, has anyone seen the series Hellsing? It was weird and Trigun is cool as a cucumber with shades and a small goatee beard. I'm also a bit strange. Anyway I've run out of stuff to say so I'm off now! Later!
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