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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Computer Day!
Well, what have I done today? School obviously. then I got home, sat at the computer and have been on it since 4 o'clock (now it is 5:40 by the way). Good God I need a life. Well, thats about it for today-will be posting again soon hopefully!
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Sunday, December 5, 2004

First Post in a while
Hi there anime fans!!! I'm back after a long time with nothing to talk about!!! a lot of my time has been taken up by playing one of the lead roles in the school play (Me an My Girl-I play Sir Jasper Tring if anyone knows who that is). It's great fun!!! Anyhow, I'm already running out of stuff to say, apart from the fact that on OtakuBoards Underworld the Darkest Road and Halo: Covenant Strike have become rubbish and no-one has posted for like, ages. Although Hunters: Dark Blood went really well and it finished, and is now continuing in Hunters Chapter 2: Maelstrom. RPs are great-its like a story told from loads of different viewpoints, and it is an escape from the norm. Anyway, wish me luck with the play-the first performance is on Wednesday (8/12/04 or 12/8/04 for any Americans looking at this) and carries on through the Thursday and Friday-it should be a laugh even if it goes really badly. Peace out.
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Second post-nothing else to talk about but I have more friends now! Yay! If anyone is reading this who is on OtakuBoards, go to Adventure Inn and sign up for some RPGs. Go on-you know you want to! Anyway thats about it for today, so I'll catch you cats on the flipflop! (Awesome School of Rock reference there!)
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Sunday, October 24, 2004

   Woohoo! My first post ever!
Ok guys, this is my first post on my site. Ever!!! I need to start doing this more often, I have decided. So I will. Anyway, no progress on the character design idea as I am just too damn lazy to do anyhting about it!!! (Laughs maniacally) Anyway I'm kind of bored at the moment so this may end up being quite a long post. I'm Phil, as you may already know from my intro, and I'm also quite an active member of OtakuBoards, if anyone who reads this is registered there then my name is Blayze, and I'm on quite a few RPGs in Adventure Inn (Halo: Covenant Strike, Hunters: Dark Blood, and Underworld to name a few. So, has anyone seen the series Hellsing? It was weird and Trigun is cool as a cucumber with shades and a small goatee beard. I'm also a bit strange. Anyway I've run out of stuff to say so I'm off now! Later!
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