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Friday, January 13, 2006

ho ohoh ho!!
..i dunno..

well im just thinkin of somethin to draw an i might go an buy a new game or somethin.dunno what tho,nothins really out that i wanna really get..lol,

as in new sword, im thinkin of getting two kodachi, if u dont know what they are,they are shorter then a katana but longer then a wakashi

now that u got me talkin about blades again,im gonna go clean my katana then play some tenchu i thinkus

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..living dead girl..just the song im listenin to
rob zombie is cooll...

anyways..everything is cool,even better then cool im so happy cant say why..or maybe i just choose not to say why...muhahahah..

well i think i might buy a new sword soon too..muhahahX2

well cya..im gonna go watch gothika

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

IM Really starting to hate work!!! same thing every fudgin day!! 8974235hetuhdhgdgdgdAAAAAARRRRRRRGGHH!!!!!!!!

...im goin to bed..Night all..

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

ok..my story
well to keep it breif ill just tell why i dont do it anymore..

well i did dive into the witchcraftin an spell stuff with one of my friends and we did a fair bit,but eriee occurances like cold chills,voices,and stuff moveing got abit to much for me..i mean i like that kinda stuff but not all the time,but the icing on the cake was when i was with my auntie an they where using one of those ouji boards i wouldnt get near it at all,but the used it i said they were fools,anyways they played with it for a while an when they left the board 2 glasses (i kid u not) lifted from the table an smashed themselves against the wall,i left the house and i thru all my books on the occult an spells an stuff in my draws in my desk and i havent opened them since...

but even still i get creepy things going on in my house..like the foretold encounter before..but its cool in away

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Friday, January 6, 2006

i raced my friend yesterday,my honda accord smashed his nissan NX coupe,then i went to race my other friend in his 180sx and he nearly got me but i caught up to him
that was my day..

now i just sit here an draw pictures,and surf the net,and yeah...sleep,eat,blink..all in all im just another brick in the wall,,,,Hey teacher leave those kids alone..

i cant believe i got 'tank girl' as a joke present...Lol,man that movie sucks,lamest of all lame films

well i think i might see if i can unlock some more gear on soul cailbur 3...after i watch daria of course...la la la laa laaa

tonight on sick sad world..

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had a good night
well tonight was good,went with some friends to play neon ten-pin bowling,lol it was fun tho, then had a few games of pool and raced our cars to the arcade,then on my way home i went to over-take some lil red car,and he sped up so i sped -up then he went faster an so did i until we where both going real fast ,illegally fast,hehe..then we both turned down my street an my front wheels locked an screeched around the corner,and then i slowed down an into my drive way and turned down my rob zombie,lol my hand was shaking abit from the screech but yeah t was a good night,time right now is..midnight!

i shouldnt race like i did tonight tho..man im gonna wind up dead an twisted around a signpost....yeah no more racing

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

last night was a creepy night,our house has had creepy going ons for sometime now,but last night i was thinking of the ring,and when i got outta the shower i heard like alil girls whispering,everyone was asleep as most people are at midnight,and i was getting alil unnerved,my mind started racing an as i was closing my door,my mind just imagined like a lil girl running towards me down the ahllway,and i slammed my door with fear and closed my eyes, it was like the precance i felt was feeding off my fear.....
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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

The Long Story (short)
well i wasnt gonna say anything but i feel like saying my story...why i dont delve into the occult anymore..

july 1998,time 5.15 am..(lol,nah ok ill really tell it,proply)

ok, well me an one of my friends used to sit at the table in the mornings and just read books on the occult while eating our cereal, anyways we would do some "spellwork" during some nights,it was entertaining,but i always had a chilling feeling like we whernt the only two in the room...

anyways,days went by,so did the nights..until,the one night,we just finished lighting some candles up (looks cool havin lots of them) and we closed the door to his room,as soon as i closed it i felt a sudden chill like someone dropped a icecube down my back,i jumped abit an spun around to face my friend,and he was holding a tray of icecubes(lol,not really)..ooh hell with it, maybe ill tell it later when im not in a stupid mood,lol

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Monday, January 2, 2006

hmmm..thinking now..
i was just looking down my "profile" thing like majiggy whatsitcallsit

and i wonder..if u would like to know,my..(long story) which is metioned within my "talents"

its alil creepy..and it could make you scream at your monitor an turn on the lights an hide under 8 layers of doona covers

hmm..i got a japanese newpaper here, and i cant read it,well not yet

um...um..hmm...yeh*shrug*..add post

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Ah damit! i missed that show i wanted to watch!
well,ma hoildays are over an its back to work...time to put those shackles back around my feet

hmm..what have i got here..ooo..90 bucks,convienitantly placed within my wallet....

mmm..i should trim my fingernails..yeah ill do that..

but first..Dinner..im hungry,

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