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Monday, September 10, 2007

errr hi xDDD

music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com. More colors.
I feel bad posting like this on a week day when I said I wouldn't post during the week now that I'm in school, but I have been thinking alot lately so ....

I might leave TheO.
DON'T CRY FOR ME! I KNOW YOU GUYS LUV ME! I LOVE YOU TOO!.........yea Im sounding smug here. I'm kidding though. xDD

but yeah, With DA taking my time and stalkers from Myspace prolly coming here soon (luckily though I haven't had any recent stalkers xD) I feel that I should just go since I hardly ever come on only to answer Pms.
It's been a fun ride here guys, but I guess I'll take my leave.
I won't delete my site because I want my friends to be able to get to my DA account
the link is on here.
Don't think that I value my DA account more than this one it's just...
I dunno....
I'm sorry. You guys can PM me still though cos I'll still come on here just to Pm with friends who don't go on DeviantArt.com
and maybe...just maybe...
I might Return to post. Don't get your hopes up, but it's possible.
Maybe in the summer or a vacation.
until then, to all my loyal and Great friends here on TheO, I hope to see you again someday. Love you all! You guys are awesome, don't ever forget that!
Love you all.
~Signing out for possibly the last time~
~VKitty, Yanimae, The Lord of Weirdness!!!! x3 "http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u239/mago1cholo/93a1ce151a91e58cbd180453e4db87aa.jpg"
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