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Sunday, September 2, 2007


music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com. More colors.
I hope I said that right xD lawl

200 GB SIGNS! w00t!

Well I finished my Entry for The Contest, but My mum wants to first print it and put it into my portfolio xDD I can't wait ta show you guys! 83

Feeling: Pretty Darn good!
Eating: My bum
Drinking: Nothing
Playing with: Youtube xD

Daily count of 23: 1


Who Else but Quagmire?
Yes someone pointed out that i was making quotes from Particle Man! If you want to see it, Go to Youtube and type it in! x3 smart cookie!

Does anyone know any good sites where I can watch my anime without having to Download it? I need to find another site besides Youtube because they have gotten rid of most of the anime already :(

You Feelin lucky punk?
I hope you guys don't mind me going into a rant because HOLLYWOOD IS RAPING MY CHILDHOOD!!!
I Despise Hollywood. Ever since they have Started Making those HORRIBLE Movies of the things I grew up with! THEY MADE A LIVE ACTION MOVIE WITH ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS! THOSE TURD BURGULARS HAVE GONE WAY TOO FAR! Next, They might make a dumb movie about Peanuts! If they do, I'm going to Make them pay.....dearly.......>:(
First Garfield was disappointing..
Then Underdog!
Scooby-Doo! (at least they made him animated)

They'll keep going until.....Computer animation takes over completely D: *SOB* Why must Hollywood make me cry with their lame arse movies? :'( Sure some were good, I'll admit that, But I would perfer if they would actually make Movies that are about a Cartoon INTO A Cartoon movie! GAH! IS IT SO HARD???!! x(
Nikelodeon and Disney Channel were ruined because they have wayy too many Computer and Live Action shows. Some are good but most are about those preppy annoying kids >:(. Hardly any more Good Cartoons. Can't wait for Avatar to come back :D
Cartoon Network is next in line. That Stupid live action show coming soon will make it just as pathetic as Disney and Nick. x(
well I'm done for now :D
I'm sorry for those who do like those Live action shows on Disney and Nick. I'm just expressing my veiws. Please don't hate me D:

BYE! *flees* "http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u239/mago1cholo/93a1ce151a91e58cbd180453e4db87aa.jpg"
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