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Friday, August 31, 2007


music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com. More colors.

eating: meh
Drinking: spit
Watching: Afro Samurai (ThIS iS THE SHIZZ!)
Feeling: pretty happy x3
oohhkk That movie has the ability to Make a person Manlier then before they saw it =D

Daily Count of 23: 5
Yea I've been seeing the number 23 alot lately that I decided to count them and see how many times I've seen it each day x3 Why? i dunno...

POST STARTS.....10....9..nah Im kidding. now xD

I thought so
I decided that since I'll be going to school soon on September 5th, I'll be only updating on the Weekends after that day because It's going to be a tough year this year and I need a lot of focus for the upcoming tests we will have. SO Until then, I'll be updating everyday easily x3

Why you gotta be like that?
I began seeing new animes. I've started Elfen Lied, Saw/Finished Afro Samurai, and I'm Reading the Death Note Manga. OMG RAITO IS HOT! L IS SO ADORABLE! x3 I love how he sits! Reminds me of me. I can't really solve a problem without sitting like he does 83 My kind of anime. They like apples! 8D

Those Starbucks Orange Creme Frappacinos are friggin Delicious! x3 SO......ORAGASMICALLY GOOD! 8D xD YUMMEH! x3

For those who have seen Afro Samurai, In the beginning of episode 2, when those bad guys are chasing Afro, dosen't it look like their humping something? :/ I dunno I'm just weird xD

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BAI BAI! *turns into a unicorn and frolics away*

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