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Friday, August 24, 2007


music player
I made this music player at MyFlashFetish.com. More colors.
Yeah I changed my theme to Apples because an Apple a Day keeps My Doctors and their Needles away! ahem.....(speaks to self) your a big girl, a big girl, a big girl.....

sooo starting post nooowwww x3

Volleyball Hurts
My Legs Ache....my Butt Aches....why? Volleyball. What likes to make you dive onto the hard ground? Volleyball. What enjoys watching you get beaten around on the court if your unlucky enough to not be paying attention? Volleyball. What likes to hit you with Balls up and Down the court? Vo...Actually....That might not even be bad.

please parents, don't sue me for making subliminal messages on my posts/sites/pr0n site (>.>) I kid again xD

So yeah Tryouts was as hard as today as yesterday but we'll find out on Tuesday or later who's on and who's off. I hope I'm on....turned on! HA!


anyhoo, Like I promised since I have nuthin else to talk about, Lets hear a bit bout my past, shall we??
Er...Years ago..
A long time ago, I used to be a fanatic of the Movie "The Land Before Time" I hope some 90's folk know what that is. Anyhoo, it's about A Dinosaur called Littlefoot who, after is orphaned, goes on an adventure with his friends, Sarah, Spike, Petry (sp?) and Duckie to the Great Valley where there's food, water and where their Families are. But there's the Dreaded Sharp Tooth (T-Rex) That is hunting them down before they make it there. Well Around the time when i was 1 or sumfink, like I said, I was obsessed with the series. So I had this close friend back then named Danica (We're still friends) Who is about a few months younger I think. So once our mothers set us down together on the floor to talk "woman" talk, as described by my mother, I got up, And Grabbed onto Danica's Head and started Biting it. Our Mothers, being the "Best mother's Evur" instead of saving poor Danica from my Raging demon thirst for redheads (she's a redhead xD) They started taking pictures and video taping me chasing Danica Around to chop my little pearly's onto her head again. When they would run out of Film or watever they would separate us. Yeah.....our mothers luve us so muuuuuch xDDD

so yeah what I think is, and Before time prolly influenced me to be like a Meat-eating Dinosaur D:
ohk sorry that was so long D:

I must make my exit...JA NE!!! "http://i169.photobucket.com/albums/u239/mago1cholo/93a1ce151a91e58cbd180453e4db87aa.jpg"
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