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Friday, November 12, 2004

hey its daphne here... so whats up>as you might have notice i redesigned my site.. i feel so bad cuz i've been neglecting myotaku because of that damn addicting myspace.. but i still luv u all equally... I cant wait cuz im going to a greenday concert on the 23rd, its gonna be awesome... for those of you who didnt read my intro, I am obsessed with greenday, hahaha... anyway ttyl...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

WOw i havent been here in a while... I dont mean to be mean, but i've been a bit preoccupied by myspace.. Its fun fun. But I still luv u all. Any way ttyl.. bi
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Saturday, October 2, 2004

Oh yippey! O yay! O joy!!! I can't wait for tomorrow!! I have a "date" with my new boyfriend. His name is.... o wait nevermind i'm suposed to keep it on the DL (down low) cuz he doesnt like peeps all up in his personal life.. He is sooooo cute i luv em i luv em i luv em i luv em i luv em... Sorry got a bit crazy there!!! Anyway i gots to get ready for cheer! Good day good day good day good day!! yippey yippey!! Nevermind cheer why would i bother.. Oh I am going to be so energized for cheer!!! backflips, cartweels, (he he not really) anyway I will be around later (yippey yay yahoo) lol

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Monday, September 27, 2004

   OMG i am so happy i finally got AMERICAN IDIOT!!! I love you all!!!! I love billie joe more!!! But not as much as DAnny!!! he is so hott (BOTH BILLIE AND DANNY) ANyWay I am soo bored.... TTYL
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Sunday, September 19, 2004

   American Frick'n Idiot
OMG I am so excited American Idiot, Green Day's new CD, comes out in about 2 days!! Yippey!! I am so frickin happy rite now! Do yo know how long I have been waiting for that CD to come out? I have been waiting for like forever. Supposedly my brother was the big Green Day fan, but I knew the name of the CD and when it was coming out before he even knew they were making a new cd. Anyway I will love anyone very super much who buys me the cd the day it comes out. Any offers? *smile* lol j/k im borrowing or 20 dollars to go buy it. But the offer for me loving uoi very super much still stands. Lol. Anyway I cleaned my room (surprising aye) anyway I've been super busy today doing laundry and shit, but now ima eat some icecream... *mmmmmmmm* tastey!!
C ya!!

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   Another Day
Wow, another odd boring fun fantastic dull day. Well, lets see, last night I went to sleep early (Shocker) and then I woke up at 9 today. I was lazy all day, watched a shitload of TV, movies mostly, a good movie called Matchstick Men which was a sad movie, for the most part. Besides my grandma treating me and all of my siblings like 4 year olds, it was pretty okay. I took a 30 minute shower, (an unusual amount of time for me I assure u) then got ready too cheer for the football players at huntington high. (Go dolphins) we won with a score of 36 to 0. I guess u could say that we have some great football players. Some really hott ones too *smirks sinisterly* he he he.... Lets see after the game I got a ride from my friend Kari to my dads house were I watched more tv, ate two hotdogs. a shitload of fruit, and icecream (coffee) then I came in here to tell all of u a detailed story of my day.. Oh and it was so funny, at cheer some peeps made a banner for the football players to run through but we broke the banner when they were like five feet away from it. Ha ha ha!!! The guys were so ticked... Anyway not much else to say but I luv u all!! O and wait, I forgot to tell u about this guy named Edgar I know who goes to mesa view... Like I dunno he made up some dumb shit about him and me going out or something as a joke or sumthin but i guess he really liked me or some shit like that but anyway he called today and didnt act like a total jackass. He was actually kinda nice.. Well not kinda, actually he was totally nice. Anyway I will check in with ya'll later. Luv you more than I love greenday!! not really, greenday kicks so much more ass then you guys do, but at least ur number 2!!!!
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Monday, September 13, 2004

   School (continued)
Wow they do give out a shitload of homework. I had two current events, 40 problems of math, a grammar page, spelling packet, math launch, persuasive essay, and an ancient map. I got it all done. (thank god) not today though, that was yesterdays hw. anyway I really miss mesa view cuz it had the kewlest peeps besides breanna, roshi ali and steph cuz they go to Marine View. I miss all the eth graders still. I consider myself still a sixth grader and the eighth graders still seventh grader, and the sixth graders are 5th graders. I like this eight grader now named Danny W. and he is so hot but he thinks I'm "a bit young" but I'm only a year younger than him. If i was taller I would look older but I'm "short shit" he he he.. I'm not over Zach or Cash but I'll pretend because I still like them but neither wants to go out with me. O god I hate guys :P
no offense to any of ya'll.. Just the guys at my school are dumbasses. Anyway I got to go clean and do homework and laundry and read and shit so I'll post later.

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Monday, September 6, 2004

School (finally)
School finally began. I am such a procrastinator so I have alot of homework to do now.. Oh well. I ride my bike to school now. Its super kewl. I liked this guy named Zach but he wasn't worth my heart. Oh well. Anyway I miss fuzzy and all my eighth grade friends who moved on without me. (now there 9th graders) At least I have Breanna. She wore my jacket today and forgot to give it back. I love all my classes, because super kewl peeps. Anyway I'll be around (yippey) Oh and Mikado I'm glad u have japanese with C.J.
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Saturday, September 4, 2004

   Laundry (oh poo)
ARGH!I am at my dads house doing my little sisters laundry. Its definately not fun. I still cant wait for school to start, and I still dont have much to say. Lol. I have to burn like 50 billion CDs (exaggeration)Because I like music. And all my CD's are scratched. Most of them (seven) are greenday cd's because I luv greenday. The others are either linkin park, slipknot, blink 182, exc.
I wont be around Till Monday.

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Thursday, September 2, 2004

I really want school to start. Its funny cuz school is fun for like the first two weeks and then it sux. He he he. O my friends dad sad that if he had to choose a way to laugh it would be He Ha Ho He Ha Ho... yes very interesting I know. Just thought I would add that in. School starts on Wednesday (today is saturday) I'll be riding my bike to school *yippey yahoo yeehaa* dont ask.. Anyway today we bought me a bike. Its a beach cruiser because we live by the beach. The bike is bright red with yellow flames outlined in a thin line of blue. Its awesome. Anyway since we got me a bike we decided to o for a ride to the beach. We were away for like 5 1/2 hours between riding on the dyke near the wetlands all the way to walking through the dirt trails of this wildlife preseve thing (all there is is raddlesnakes) to going to the liquor store, to going to the beach, to riding 3 miles bak home. Long long trip, although it was really fun. I took a hot shower when i got home. This weekend I'll be at my dads house, but during the week I'll be at my moms. This means I won't be on the otaku until the week after because my moms computer is broken. Dammit. I'll try to update as much as I can over this weekend (which is already half over) but what happens happens.. Anyway my rat billie joe says Hi to everyone but C.J. because he is a poohead. (very childish word)
I'll be around (i hope)

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