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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I think my mom's stalking me...>.>
It's wierd...and creepy...I saw a car that looked like her's outside my house. But the window was kinda foggy so I couldn't see clearly. But she has been to my house before. My step sis said that, my step mom said that. If they were bitches then I wouldn't believe them. But thaty're nice people and my mom's a spyco so...yea....gota watch out for that...before she runs me down the block with a knife or something one day...
Anyway, there's a tournament on Saturday at Francis Lewis Highschool(If you know I'm spelling this wrong tell me XDDD). And i'm gonna be in it...my school's hosting it so yea...think I've told you this already...yea so anyway..I'm doing breaking and forms and what not. I kno some of you have no idea what I'm talkin about but w/e...yea that's it...fo now...>.>

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