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Saturday, August 5, 2006

   I should update more...
I was looking through my archives and i realized I haven't been updating as much as I used to. and I haven't been visiting people that much either....hmm....
Well I've kind of been addicted to MySpace. It's nothing special though. But anyways I'm getting my braces taken out soon. YES! I think I had them on for...3 years? yea 3. damn...o.O
ANd my family is still over too. And now my sister came to visit this weekend so now there's 9 people in my place...damn...and last night we somehow managed to cram every one in my dad's room. It's the only one with the AC...>.<
Lemme see...If you've read this far I congradulate you. XD
Uh...anything else to ramble about??? Oh yea. There's some party on Saturday and I have to go...meh...not exited. Accualy this week hasen't been the best week ever...And then after the party they're gonna go to Canada.....daaamn....I don't wanna go...OK lemme stop. If you read all of this I'm surprised. Have a cookie if you did. <3

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