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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

   Stuff about me
Um...ok I just wanted to post at least one thing on my site.So I'm gonna tell you stuff about me.Not that anyone cares.But oh well.
Anyway,there's not much to say.I like video games,especialy Mortal Kombat.Fighting games in general.Hm...let's see...I love to listen to music.I don't realy have a favorite,I listen to all kinds of music.
Okay,what else?Oh yea!I collect mangas.I have King Of Hell,Vampire game,Cronicles of the Cursed Sword,Shaman King,Rurouni Kenshin,I have alot.I don't feel like nameing them all.I also like to read Kill Me Kiss Me and Model.Vagary collects them and I borrow from her.
So anyway,that's about it.That's all i'm gonna say.Oh yea.I'm evil.That's what everyone says.So,whatever.

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