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Sunday, July 12, 2009

And it's been a long long long time.
I almost forgot about this place. :O
(How the hell could I????)
And I don't like the heat. It's not bad, but I cant seem to fall asleep when I fell hot. ;__;
And I am getting a haircut next week. And then afterwards I'm giong to watch the new Harry Potter movie (Yay! ^^). This one actually looks interesting. Unlike the one before it. That one is pretty hazy. It wasn't great in my opinion.
Now I have the sudden urge to eat cheesecake and watch "Who's Line is it Anyway". XD
I do not know why.
I'll be going to Flordia for a couple of weeks to visit me cousin as well. Then I might be going to Canada afterwards with my family. I feel like I have a life. :D

I like cats. :3

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