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Sunday, December 28, 2008

I woke up pretty early this morning. Well it was eary for me at least. But I woke up to this bug biting my hand. D:<
I'm being eaten alive and it's not fun. This has been going on since the neighbors tore down the house next door to us.
That place was filthy. There were cats climing out the roof, and you couldn't see through the windows because of all the dust and mold and I don't know what else was there. They redid it and it looks nice now, but ever since then we've had a billion bugs. xP
But other than that my vacation is going goood. I finaly have a winter coat. Now I won't get any WTF looks when I walk down the street with only a sweater to keep me warm. Hah, I remember once someone at my Taekwondo asked me to fun accross the street to the pizza place and get a menue. When I did the lady i there offered me a jacket. She's like, "You do know it's February right?"

Yea sorry. Long pointless post.
Any one doing anything for New Years?

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