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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Version Vibrant
Version Vibrant's up! Hooray. I like the whole layout, and I really like the logo. Cute! <3
So anyway, It think I'm going to create one of the World's account thing. I'll still love myO though.
So ayway, I didn't go to gym class today. The teacher was out, so I left. And I got home around 1. I like me schedule. I have to wake up a little early in the morning(am NOT a morning person), but i get out so early and have so much time to kill untill I go to my taekwondo classes. Speaking of taekwondo, there's a tournament comming up next month. I'll be aparring in that one. Hopefully, I doon't suck so much. >.<
I bought some sharpies yesterday ans was having some fun with them. I bought a few to school today and this kid took one from me. He wanted to keep it and then slobered all over it after I nagged him to give it back. So nasty. I wanted to slap him. xp
Heyy, I actualy thought of something to write about. I think this post is getting too long though, so I'm ending it now.


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