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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You know I think I'm the only one that says bye when I talk on the phone. My dad never says it anymore. He called me to ask for something, and when he was finished talking he just hung up. I didn't know so I was talking to myself for a good few minutes until I realized he hung up on me. This happened once before too. -_-
So I have gym class on Tuesdays and Thursadays last period. Yesterday was Tuesday. I somehow forgot. So after science class I went outside and got on the bus. Half way to my house, I remember it's Tuesday I was supposed to go to gym. Now I just felt stupid right there... and I know I got an 80 in english for the first quarter. But you see, I'm in english honors soooo 80 isn't too good.
And I have once again run out of things to say. I have this little video of a restaurant named Ninja New York. Very interesting. Vagary went there but I haven't. I want to though...

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