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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Well I'm home from school early. Sucks though. I came home because I had MAJOR CRAMPS. T.T
So painful. So so painful. I'm kinda feel better now. At least I don't have math class. Haha! :D
And I got some new clothes! Yay! I badly needed clothes. I have this one shirt Vagary gave me on my 11th birthday. I'm 14 now So that's a good three years i've had that shirt and It's kinda falling apart. I've also been getting some of my step sister's old clothes. =\
So my dad took me to the store and I picked out a few things. And I don't know but can anyone else see their popularity ranking? I can't see mine.And I forgot about that until yesterday. Don't really pay attention to it, but I was just wondering.
Now let's see what else? Oh yes. I want to go buy new mangas! I haven't bought one in....forever... o.O
And I think that's because I never see what i need. I can never find anything. Boo. =p

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