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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Year Older
I started learning to post in worlds. The concept of the new otaku still confuses me. Im so used to how things used to be. It makes me feel old when I sit back and remember how this was all set up and just starting. Remember the ten million spammers that would post their crappy doodles that no one cared to see? The only good thing about the updates were that that stopped. Now we only get to see 3 crappy doodle drawings from them a day instead of 70.

Other than writing and playing Final Fantasy I havent done much else. Being umemployed can be frustrating if not down right devastating at times. I find that depression blankets me constantly but there is nothing I can do to stop the chaos that swirls around me. So I ignore it and pretend it doesnt exist.

It might be bad taste to handle things like that but when you dont have any options left what else can you do?

Dream on... Dream on...

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