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Friday, September 15, 2006


trial run.

-gasp-! i wouldnt be surprised if a lot of you took me off right now.. since my last post -five gajillion years ago- yeah there really was internet back then.. no seriously, kidding.

Band and everything has been keeping me occupied beyond reasoning... my saturdays are full with extra practices, and sunday is weekend hw work day.

here are my classes..

1. AlgII/Trig. Honors
2. Drivers Ed (terminator required it even tho im 14.) governor.
3. French 1
4. Engish 1 Honors
5. Biology Honors
6. Concert Band 4 (didnt audition due to late transfer)

anyways people, i hope you have a good day! if im lucky, i might finish homework and come on to do the help i promised to do... -slits own throat- the work never ends.................

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