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Monday, September 4, 2006


trial run.

woohoo!! yesterday i went to the mall with my friends, in a failed attempt to get everyone to see each other before we go our seperate ways, seperate high schools. It was kinda sad, since only about 7 people turned up, and two of them were relatives....

We spent most of our time in Gameworks, and walking around looking at random stuff and just having a grand time anyways. Oh yes, and i was playing this game called Stackerz in the middle of the food court, an arcade sort of game where you can actually win expensive stuff. The main objective is to take a group of three blocks and stack them to the top, and it gives you less blocks each time, to two, then one. The blocks slide across the screen and you press the button just above your previous block! if you miss, game over!

as of now, still cant believe i won.. .omg the game is VERY hard. at the very top, it goes across in less than one second! @_@ and i got an mp3 player! woohoo ^__^ i havent had one till now so im very happy mhmm.

oh and i just wanted to remind eveyrone not to be mad at adam... he does a great job at maintaining this site you know..!! do you really think you could handle holding 50,000 sites, and managing every single one of those problems, go over the submissions of art, the boards and everything else? yeah i thought so.. neither can he, which is why he has a staff! but seriously, you guys need to appreciate him more.


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