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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


trial run.

Firstly, i'd really like to apologize to everyone who read the chain letter beneath this post.... it was sort of childish and like i said, i dont really support them, i just happened to think this one was cute ^^.

oh it seems everyone is going back to school! well so am i... T.T this monday of course. Which is really unfair because we ended late, and going to a new high school, it starts early. -grrrrrr-

Oh yeah, i'd like to thank everyone for welcoming me back from band camp! i got 10 comments... really surprising after nearly 0 commenting and posting the entire week..

You know this is really starting to sound like a journal or diary or something...


before i go, i just wanted to say that im glad that ive made so many friends at diamond bar... even though most of them are seniors and juniors haha. but it feels good to finally start to fit in, even though im sure it'll be a while before i find some real friends..
anyways, thank you everyone at myO for the support!

oh yes.. the video is the music video for Blur - Coffee and TV its very long... 6:04 actually, so if you dont have time, its just a warning. but i do hope you watch it because its a good fun song thats really heartwarming ^____^ (something rare in pop and hip hop...)

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