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Saturday, August 12, 2006


trial run.

Ok ok.. again, -sigh- i havent posted in a while. but i have done this new theme! woohoo its so much fun making themes.. and its very tedious work too...

What ive been doing is going to marching band practice, where they drill us for 2 hours, and then we take lunch break, and drill for another two hours. The first one was basic marching, and the second one was more about marching backwards, and step size.

also, i wanted to tell gundamgirl that im going to be at speedway today, so i wont be able to help her out with her table... lastly, band camp is next week, so i'll be around even less.. its from 9am-9pm with 2 2hour breaks, so thats a total of 8 hard hours at band... -sigh-

Im really sry if i cant post, and even more if i cant get to commenting on your sites, but i'll do my best of course.. im just saying this because if i dont get to yours, please dont be mad.. and also because i have nothing else to say, besides that i might become our only c-unit (clarinet) drum major! woohoo!! ^___^

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