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Saturday, July 1, 2006

   Hey Guys
ey guys!!! Man, it seems like it has been forever since I was last on. I am at my collegeís (Ball St.) campus checking up on a few things, so I thought Iíd take this time to quickly post something. Well, work has been going all right. I am looking for a job thatís closer to my place now though, but other then that it is pretty good. Summer has been pretty slow though mostly work, playing video games, and watching anime. Do to work constraints I almost never get to hang out with my friends (my usual work hrs are 3 p.m. to 12 a.m.). It is a good job itís just a little far away now and doesnít leave much time for socializing. Speaking of my job, some changes have been made and I want your opinions on it. We recently moved some of our ďmore adultĒ manga out of manga and all the way over to the Erotica section way at the other end of the store. Now, I know that kids shouldnít be reading it, but to move it to the opposite end of the store to very remote section is a little drastic in my eyes. You would be surprised at how well some most of it sells (for some reason it consists of most of or yaoi collection), but ever since the move I have not seen a single customer one. I figure that the customers just come in and look for it, and assume we donít have it any more. In my opinion we should put it back in the manga section. It always comes wrapped in plastic (to protect it from kids). If it really needs to be separate then they should at least keep it in the same section, but put it under a different sub-category. We do have a sub-cat. divider that says ďAdult MangaĒ but we donít use it. I wonder why? I am not a reader of yaoi (though it doesnít bother me), but I think that all manga should be in the manga section. That is just my belief. Anyway, that is the force behind my new poll. Sorry for the rant. Well, tomorrow is a day off, so I think I am going to spend most of the day fishing with my friend (this is the first time we have had the same day off all summer. Well, on a good note my mom just got out of surgery yesterday and everything went fine (well, she did get a lot sicker then expected but she is fine now). Both of my sisters just got jobs. One works at a swimming pool were she gets paid $6.25 an hrs just to sit there and tan. Her only responsibility is to make sure people arenít acting stupid on the slide. My other sister is working at a Christian music/book/coffee house called Gaithers. The funny part is that she is atheist. Well I need to get going soon. I am going to go buy some manga and see if the new issue of Newtype is out. Man, I miss getting on here. YOU GUYS ROCK!!! Iíll try to quickly comment on some of your sites, but if I donít make it please forgive me. Take care everyone. Later.
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