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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Long Post, Clifford the Big Red Dog, and a Goodbye (for now)
*For those of you who want to skip the story and cut strait to the matter at hand, go to the next paragraph* Man guys, I just spent 4 hrs commenting and a few other things on My O. Wow, I really didn’t think it would take that long, but I think I got everybody. I added some of my newer friends’ buttons to “Good Friends” link and made a new poll for you guys. The last poll disappointed me. I was hoping to see a winner. The last time I check Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 10 were tied, with Metal Gear one vote behind. So, I thought I would leave it up for a few more days and see who wins. I checked back and they all had more votes, but they were still in the exact same situation. Well, on to my day at work. Yesterday was something. It was our store’s grand opening even though we have been open for two weeks. We had all kinds of things going on. Well, at first there weren’t that many people there, so I was running a register by myself. This lady came over to check out a newspaper. I scanned the bar code and it said the item doesn’t exist (our computers have been screwing up lately). So, I try it again and it does the same thing. I type in the ISBN number into the system to find the product, but it doesn’t come up. I apologize to the lady and ask her if she wouldn’t mind waiting just a second while I call the manager down to fix it. She replies “Don’t you dare call down your damn manager!” I was shocked, frozen, and then slowly began to back away from the intercom. (Cut a long story short) After I somehow managed to check out her item without ringing it up (while being cussed out) I handed her the newspaper, she threw down the wrong amount of change and look off like the wind. I told me manager (after she arrived about 30 sec late) and now we are supposed to be on the look out for that lady, if she ever comes back. Well, after the grand opening got going I had a short break on which one of my co-workers (Josh) talked to me the whole time about the Xenosaga series. After that, I went back to the register. Then all of a sudden everyone started talking about Clifford the big red dog (Josh was supposed the wear a Clifford suite for the kids). All of a sudden one of my managers ran up to me and tells me to “Hurry up! Hurry up!” Not knowing what’s going on I took off with her. We get back into the back room and she says “Dustin, hurry up and put the Clifford suit on!” I’m like, “What!” She’s responds, “Hurry! Hurry! Now! Now!” After a long process of putting on the suit while my coworkers and managers laughed at me, I became Clifford the Big Red Dog (who looked like he had put on a few pounds). Well, to make a long story short (sorry, I’m trying to keep this post as short as I can) I ran around the store getting my picture taken with kids. Then, my manager says, “Hey Clifford, do you want to go around the entire mall?” I shake my head, NO! (Clifford can’t talk). But, off we go. Well, after a lot of kids pics, high 5’s from old people, girls waving, and some people making comments about how Clifford looked like he had put on some weight, it was over. However, right when we were on are way back, I saw one of my co-workers (Steven) and ran up to him like I was going to get my picture taken with him. He punched me in the face (well Clifford in the face)! Who would hit Clifford (well, actually I have wanted to kick a mascot or two’s butt before). Finally, I return to the laughter of all my co-workers (including Josh, the bastard), and took off the suit. I probably lost about 5 pounds wearing that thing because it was so damn hot. They never let me hear the end of it. I guess I was just so damn funny looking. Sorry for making ya read that long post.

Well, I would like to take this time to say goodbye (for now) to all of you on My O. As you know I was forced to leave my place prematurely, so now for a while I will have to move pack with my parents. I don’t mind that a lot, but there is one catch. They can’t get the internet (too far out in the country), so I might not be able to get on the O for a while. I may be able to get on certain occasion, but it will be rather rarely. I thank you all who I have gotten to meat over the past few months. It has been a lot of fun getting to know all of you (especially those of you I talked to on Yahoo and AIM). I was hoping I could say goodbye to everyone on Yahoo and AIM in person, but no body was on tonight. Well, I might be moving out tomorrow (depending on some things), but if I am not then I will definitely be on Yahoo and AIM as much as I can. This will not be forever. It could last as little as one month or could be more then 6 (depending on money). I’ll update my site when ever I can, but until then………Thank so much and goodbye (for now).

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