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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 09/30/04:
Yes....that seems right..but i have two personality and this only covers that one...

You have Blue Wings! You are artistic and highly
creative. Others are amazed by your imaginative
ideas, and the way you speak so smoothly. You
are very social, but you like talking
face-to-face, instead of the phone. You love
dancing, Writing, acting, drawing, singing,
anything that requires artistic style. You have
many friends, and are popular because of your
unique style. Though your jokes crack up
everyone around you, you often daydream about
many different things, lost in your own world.
Even though, you are optimistic, and remain
friendly and loved by others in reality, you
always like to visit your fantasy world for
some peace from the hectic world.

What Color are your wings?(Mainly for Girls)Beautiful Pix!
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Result Posted on 09/30/04:

You came from the sky. Your a daydreamer and prefer
to have a good look on situations.

Where did you come from?
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Result Posted on 09/30/04:

Your man is Dilandau Albatou!! You so craaaaazy!!
But wait, so is he!! Blood-lust, insanity,
gender crossing...what DOESN'T he have? He may
be a tad bit vain, has an evil giggle and has
an obsession with fire, not to mention revenge
and violence. But, he loves his friends (even
though he slaps them around) and has that sweet
vulnerable 'I was experimented on in childhood'
thing going for him. Now, who wouldn't want to
cuddle? S & M never looked so good...

Who is your Escaflowne Mate? (For Girls)
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Result Posted on 09/30/04:

Kiba Fsss
Your ideal mate is Kiba!! The leader of the pack,
this is one wolf who follows his heart and
takes control. Sure he can be idealistic and
is a bit of a dreamer, but he's also
passionate, determined and downright sexy!!
Win his heart and he'll take you to Paradise.

Who is your Wolf's Rain Mate? (For Girls)
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Result Posted on 09/30/04:

Result Posted on 09/28/04:

Take the quiz: "What Kind of Demon are you?"

you love to cause mischief. HAHA its funny to watch others get embaressed!

Result Posted on 09/28/04:

Take the quiz: "How truly depressed are you?"

Suicidally Depressed
You are longing to kill yourself, you slit your wrists, not for fun, but because you want the world to see your pain

Result Posted on 09/28/04:
Funny thing about this is...that is one of my real nicknames...plus i do hate my parents..mwahahahaha

Take the quiz: "What should your nick name be?"

your loud and your proud.. and u hate your parents

Result Posted on 09/28/04:

Result Posted on 09/28/04:

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