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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Poetry Posse

My heart beats cruelly against my chest,
As it pulses steady in my head,
I donít know if I feel anymore,
Every time I believe things canít get worse,
They doÖjust to rain on my parade,
Itís like lifeís a circus and Iím the ass,
The center of every sick joke,
Aware that Iím not meant to be content,
So I raise my flag and surrender,
Hoping youíll all overlook me,
Hopefully not seeing me as entertainment,
But that would be too easy of an escape,
You want me to suffer,
To experience as much pain feasible,
You never really have to look far to find me,
Iím the girl with the tormented soul,
Twisted mind and always pained,
Not many have a face like mine,
A cracked mask painted grey,
I am a shadow to most,
A plague perhaps,
Or maybe Iím merely a walking ghost...

By Vampyress

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