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Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Odd shit has been happening to me...For starters i have fallen ill..and it's something that stays in the bloodstream for atleast 6 months...and because of this, and because my work knows about it since i gave them the doctors note, they won't let me come in to work. So right now i'm on sick leave. It's my second week away and i'm going crazy...i've been getting hallucinations once again...started off with faces in the wall and now it's seeing ppl and hearing them talk to me...Before yesterday i was woken up by the fire alarm in the building...which went off around 2am...fire trucks came and everyone was outside...yesterday i was distracted in my head while walking home, that i nearly got hit by a city bus...I think it's because i wandered across the street on red..the bus slammed the breaks and honked @ me for so long before i came to my senses and quickly reached the sidewalk. Anywho...that's all for now i suppose...i've got other crap i can post..but it would take too long to remember it all...Salutations

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