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Friday, August 12, 2005

Poetry Corner
Ok so i was upset today and this one is sort of odd...


Damn you to hell with your stares,
Constantly observing,
You sicken me,
So i spit on your grave,
I can sense your criticism,
Just like i can hear your perverted thoughts,
You sick fuck,
I want to vomit when i see you watching me,
Try as you might to bend my will with your mind,
You won't succeed,
I'm too stubborn for that,
Never ashamed you are when you are caught, Do you not have any dignity,
Pounce on you i will,
The next time you sneak a peek,
You better shield yourself from the grips of my fingertips,
As i imagine stripping your eyes from their sockets,
Bleed you bastard,
As i laugh,
Hollow and Haunting...
Let it be a lesson to others who witness my deed,
Have fear,
It's the wisest of things,
For fear keeps ppl sane,
And keeps someone like you at bay...

Here's another one

-Liquid Silk-

Raindrops fall,
Cold as Steel,
I shiver as they caress my flesh,
Feeling like liquid silk,
Cotton-candied clouds,
Stained with greys and blacks,
Shaping forms of majestic felines,
Eagerly stretching wispy claws towards me,
Trying hard to catch me,
Wanting to warn me,
As i gingerly skip through puddles upon a steep cliff,
So naive i am,
To think that nothing will befall me,
as i play upon the slopes of life and death,
i lose my footing and begin my painful descent,
Quickly picking up speed,
As jagged rocks pierce through me,
I'm stopped abruptly,
Cracking my skull open on a large white stone,
My breathing is shallow,
As thunder roars and lightning strikes,
My guardians weep for me,
I glance up at the heavens one last time,
Before slipping into eternal sleep,
Dreaming of running free upon plush green slopes,
Where color and light roam...

There you go....give me feed back

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