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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Spectacular Day
Wow first posty in a long, long time. xD
I meant to write about my Valentine's Day on the day of but that's kinda hard when I don't have internet at home right now and I have to check myotaku when I get to school or work. x( Well here goes! xD
Firtys I would like to wish all of you on theotaku a Happy Valentine's Day! Even though it is very late.
I apoligize.
I hope all of your guy's Valentine's Day was spectacular. xD
Well what happened for me was basically amazing and I truly love my boyfriend, Jacob Michael McNair Givens, even more. xD
He goes to a differnet school than me so it would be hard for him to do anything for me on Valentine's Day.
He managed just fine! xD
Earlier in the week when he came to visit me at school, he dropped off notes to be sent to all of my classes.
6 classes= 6 notes
So I recive all these letters from him. They explain differnet things about me that he absolutly loves.
He is so sweet! I almost cried when I read all of them.
Well I didn't get one for 6th period. I was sad. T.T
So my class is in the library and I get a call to go to the office before the bell rings for us to dismiss.
I'm thinking...
So I go downstairs and then at the stairs is Jake with a red rose and a white rose. I drop my stuff and give him the biggest and best hug ever! xD And then a big kiss.
He hands me the red rose and says, "This one is for our love." He hands me the white one and says, "And this one is for your beauty."
I could have screamed! O.O
And then he hands me the final note. It's subject is "How easy it is to fall in love with you."
I love him so much! He is so spectacular! This was perhaps the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me!
Well I just wanted to tell you all. xD Have a good day all of you!
♫Vampy-Chan a.k.a Kylie Christine

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