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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Free Stickers Campaign
I have something to run by you all. An idea of mine that I would love to put into effect.
Drum roll please *Dadadadadaddadadadada*
I want to start a Free Stickers Campaign.
Sound weird yet?
The idea... If I see anyone that is having a bad day, person I've never met yet or have, I will give them a sticker and wish them a great day.
How does it sound?
The inspiration...
I love stickers. They make me so happy.
At our local grocery store they have these bins under the cash registers with an over-abundance of stickers. So I get one everytime I go in and decorate my cellular device and my wallet.
They're so pretty! xD
Anyway, so I was scouting the basket when this old lady comes up to me and says...
"Those are for little kids you know. I think your too old for those."
I was infuriated (sp)! I couldn't believe it. I suddenly felt to "expired" to get happy stickers anymore. T.T
So I said to myself,
"Self, I will carry around a book of stickers and try to make all who are unhappy, happy with stickers."
I think this is a good idea. I want to try it out. Please all tell me what you think. xD
*Hugs for all*
♫Vampy-Chan a.k.a Kylie Christine

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